Mon, 28 May 2018
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Sun, 25 August 2013 16:05:55

Independent Author Strikes Gold With Movie Deal

Talented writer, Michelle Gent is collaborating on another movie, this time from a scriptwriter’s perspective. After producing a number of films, she’s turning her hand to writing them.D Michelle Gent’s captivating world of horror, violence, historical fiction and mythical beasts takes another step forward into the realms of fantasy as she embarks upon a career-change that many can only dream of. After a year of producing movies in collaboration with award-winning Director Phil..


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Sat, 24 August 2013 21:15:22

A New Film Goes Way Beyond Paranormal Activity

Hard hitting, packed with effects and a scream a minute, Paranormal Apparition was immediately taken up by some of America’s biggest retailers for the big Halloween push in October. The story goes that when Mr. and Mrs. Myers move into their highly coveted Beverly Hills home, they wonder why the price tag is too good to be true. Their daughter, Danielle, discovers the truth when a neighbor tells her one of the previous owners was murdered there years before. When Danielle falls prey to the..


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Sat, 24 August 2013 17:52:16

The Men Behind Film Distribution

Behind every big organisation there is normally one or two characters with vision who have pushed hard and created something from almost nothing. Bill Gates and Richard Branson are two men who created international brands so big almost nobody on earth can get away from them. Well, in the world of film there are a lot of people all trying to do practically the same thing – make and sell films. There are thousands of indie filmmakers out there all with creativity and imagination and striving..


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Sat, 24 August 2013 17:37:16

Calling All Filmmakers

Reality Films, Chemical Burn Entertainment and World Wide Multi Media are on the hunt for the indie filmmaker who has a film or films ready to go. Whatever the genre, whether documentary or theatrical, they want you. Covering every possible scenario, these film companies can get your documentary out there on DVD, VoD, streamed and well, everywhere. Whether it’s a documentary on UFO’s or the Holy Grail or maybe a horror or comedy film, there’s a place for you. Across the compani..


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