Sun, 21 October 2018
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Fri, 21 September 2012 19:53:40

U.S. Officialdom Blames Iran for Cyber Attacks on Banks

In a follow-up to a story posted on the neocon website edited by Washington Post scribe Bill Gertz, NBC reports that national security officials believe Iran is responsible for cyber attacks on the commercial websites of JPMorgan Chase and Bank of America. “One of those sources said the claim by hackers that the attacks were prompted by the online video mocking the Prophet Muhammad is just a cover story,” NBC reports. The attacks arrive as the Obama administration is..


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Mon, 17 September 2012 16:33:04

A World On The Verge Of War?

Here is a summary of where the world stands: - - Unable to reach a compromise over the weekend, South Africa is now in an all out labor strike, with the police again firing rubber bullets at miners with lethal escalation guaranteed - Back from vacation, the once again penniless citizens of Spain, Greece, and Portugal have resumed protesting austerity - US embassies attacked, in many cases with numerous casualties, in Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Morocco, Sudan, Lebanon, India, Balgadesh, Indonesia,..


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Wed, 05 September 2012 18:12:21

Who's Who In The EU Saga

It’s all about Europe. With earnings season largely over and the United States distracted by the upcoming presidential election, the only news likely to move the markets over the next month will be coming out of Europe.Late this week, the European Central Bank will hold a press conference many market watchers hope will shed a little light on ECB President Mario Draghi’s long-delayed bond purchase program. And less than a week later, Germany’s constitutional court is sche..


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Mon, 03 September 2012 06:46:11

Pax, a new book reviewed

Andrés Ginestet, Catalan born, has published his latest book that gives information about a new version of the genesis of peace. What is the basis of his description of peace? What's new? The book describes the functional connections between people, their ability to produce complexity, and the ability of nature to facilitate the transformation of this exalted human potential through the system of violence. Violence reduces complexity every time it is not sustainable. The text offers th..


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