Tue, 22 January 2019
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Wed, 02 January 2019 01:24:25


New York financial consulting firm reaches savings of $300 million for clients

NEW YORK, NEW YORK - - Bottom Line Concepts is pleased to announce achieving over $300 million in cost savings for their clients. It has been a record year for the New York performance-based financial consulting firm. Delivering exceptional service, helping clients recover millions from past expenses and increasing their overall profitability going forward.

Bottom Line Concepts will continue on the path to saving their clients money and are closing in on almost $400 million based on their in-depth approach to analyzing features of their client’s business. Their skilled team of specialist recovers funds in two way, looking back at taxes for missed opportunities and finding new ways to save companies money, such as restructuring health plans or working with vendors for cost reduction.

By offering expense reduction consulting services companies can trim the fat from monthly and yearly expenses. They have perfected their services, requiring only a minimal amount of their client’s time. By providing vendor information and logins, they can pull all the necessary data to create a strategy for the future.

What should a company pay for a service that could save them thousands, or even millions? Bottom Line Concepts works on a contingency fee. There is no upfront, out of pocket cost for a prospective client.  Companies pay a percentage of the money they get back after it's in their pockets. With no obligation and no expenses, there is absolutely no risk to trying their service and uncovering tons of potential refunds and future cost savings.

An excellent feature that clients enjoy is not having to change vendors. Once a company develops a relationship with a specific vendor, there is a loyalty factor. Bottom Line Concepts works with your current vendors to reduce the cost, which in turn reduces the bottom line while maintaining the same quality of services or goods their clients are known for.

Clients have been raving about the service provided by Bottom Line Concepts. John A. Kujawski of Amsterdam Hospitality has said, “Bottom Line Concepts did a great job of recovering sales taxes on a number of our companies. They went through our records and filed all the necessary paperwork. It was an effortless process for us, and the result was substantial refunds of taxes.” about his experience with the firm.

Audemars Piguet Daniel Grgorinic, finance & operations director of Audemars Piguet had this to say, “Bottom Line Concepts has been an amazing partner who has helped with cost savings as well as tracking down funds which belong to us.  Even with our thorough review of vendors and relationships, they have been able to shed light in areas where we thought we could not improve any further.” about Bottom Line Concepts innovative approach to cost savings.

Bottom Line Concepts works with businesses in a variety of industries from health care to non-profit. They offer numerous services and opportunities for clients to choose from to recover money or to save in the future. Their goal in the upcoming year is to far exceed the next milestone of $400 million in savings for the clients. With their team of specialist and analyst, this is no doubt an achievable milestone.

For more information about Bottom Line Concepts visit www.bottomlinesavings.com. For questions contact Josh Fox by phone or by email.




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